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Jun, 2024

All-Star Day

All-Star Players Voting - Please vote for players on your team that you feel have displayed all-star level performance and sportsmanship during the current season (See below for how many per team). After you have provided your names, be sure to notify the players they have been selected to play in the All-Star Game, and have them arrive 1hr. prior to their scheduled game time, wearing their full rec team uniform. • Provide their full name and each position they can play.

All-Star Coaches Voting - Please vote for up to 6 coaches in your division that you would like to see coach the All-Star game. Think of coaches that are fundamentally solid, fun to play against, with, and for. Basically, vote for coaches that you would want your child to play for. You may vote for your own coaches • Provide the name and the team they coach for.

Please supply your votes no later than June 24th. Send your votes to [email protected] or call/text them into Jason Wilkening @ (815) 543-8210.

Selected Players / Coaches - When we have collected all the votes we will provide each Coach with the full list. We encourage you to review the list carefully before gameday. Each player’s coach will be responsible for notifying the players of the new format, and to arrive at their game time 1 hour before the start.

Teams - Appx 1hr. prior to game time, your division commissioner will meet with all 6 coaches and split you into 2 staffs. You will then flip a coin for the first pick of the draft. Highest seeding coach will call the flip. The coaching staff winning the flip has the choice of either first pick or home team. Visitors are Blue Team, Home is Red Team.

Picking Players - Coaches will pick players back and forth until each player has been chosen. This will be done in private so no kid knows in what order they were picked. Coaches kids are NOT automatically placed on their team. The player must be picked. During this time the All-Stars will be warming up together as a single unit.

Announcing Teams / Players - Appx 30mins before the game we will have the 2 Coaching staffs in front of their respective dugouts, with a set of team hats. The entire pool of All-Stars will wait behind home plate. One by one the players will be announced, back and forth between teams, in no specific order. As the players are announced they will join you in front of the dugout where you will present them their team hat, and await the announcement of the remaining players. This will allow you appx 15 mins to set a lineup and positions.

Game Times @ Leland Park
8u • 10:30am
10u • 1:30pm
12u • 4:30pm
14u • 7:30pm