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Stateline Baseball

Your Volunteer Board of Directors

Stateline Baseball is a non-profit corporation with a focus on youth baseball programs. We offer 4 programs equating to year round baseball programs for ages 4 through 15. If you have any questions about baseball, please direct them to the appropriate volunteer.

Who does what? 
President - Oversees all league business year round. Negotiates agreements with vendors, municipalities, sponsors, and service partners. Sets overall mission, vision, fundraising, and programming directives. Creates and manages digital assets such as registration forms, social media, website, and calendars. Sets rules, manages high-level issues with coaches, players, and parents, and puts out all the fires. 

Asst. Director - Manages Field and Grounds, Umpires, Player Development, and other operational needs as delegated by the President. The one doing a ton of work behind the scenes so you can play ball.

Commissioner - Manages registration process, team assignments, and in season issues with Coaches, Players, and Parents. Assists with general league operations as necessary.  Your first contact for most business throughout the season.

Thunder Director - Manages our Thunder program to ensure competitive edge while maintaining our core value of focusing on "the joy of the game"

Scheduling Coordinator - Manages the schedule of all practices, games, and tournaments. Keeps all game records and results up to date. 

Board of Directors - ROLES

Asst. Director
Thunder Director

Scheduling Coordinator

Ryan Rydell
Zach Rydell
Jason Wilkening
Aaron Thor
Matthew Cowan