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Stateline Baseball

Stateline Thunder Competitive Baseball Teams


There are select players throughout our league who show excellence in Athletic Skill, Sportsmanship, and Teamwork. Many of them would be able to play baseball for any one of the Travel Programs around the area.  However, it's not always an option for our players to do full-time Travel Baseball. For those players that deserve a higher level of play, for those that want a higher level of training...we are the Stateline Thunder.  Limited travel, high level of training, great competition, low costs.

Our program is the area's ONLY Non-Profit program. We do not pay our coaches, we don't pocket any profits, and we don't fill our rosters with kids just because they can write a check. As a program under Stateline Baseball, we are a true community baseball team, focused on what is right for your kid, NOT a coach's glory or company profits.

Our focus is giving kids the ability to play baseball in their community, and through regional tournaments, WITHOUT the high prices, or trophy chasing pressures of other area travel teams.


• Players for the Stateline Thunder must play in the Stateline Baseball Community league.
• Players must tryout for the team at any appropriately scheduled tryout.
• Must meet all the age requirements, as applicable for that Season's Team.
• Must pay all appropriate Community League & Thunder registration fees in full.

Players Receive

• Minimum of 4 tournaments per year.
•Exclusive month long indoor training included.
• Full uniform included. (Shirt, hat, pants, belt, socks, helmet)
• Coaches that care more about the kids than their trophy cases.
• Community support and fundraising opportunities. 
• Participation in Stateline Baseball community league (14 games + 1 Tournament).

2024 Teams

10u Coach Aaron Thor
12u Still seeking players
14u Still seeking players

2024 Tournament Dates and Locations


Thunder reserves the right to invite players to join any age group, but you MUST tryout for your age appropriate division. We may have a 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, or 14u team, depending on the total number, skill, and age of our players.

FEE - $950
Includes exclusive winter training opportunity, uniform, tournaments, Summer League (Uniform, 14 games + 1 Tournament), and insurance. Fundraising efforts are for additional tournaments and gear, based on available funds, and coordinated by each team separately based on team availability and desire. Payment arrangements MUST be set up with the league BEFORE accepting your spot on the team.