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Apr, 2021

2021 Coaches Clinic on April 25th

League President, Ryan Rydell, and former Pro-Baseball players, Joe & Robert Bennie are joining forces to offer this FREE coaching clinic.

Our Coaching Clinic ensures coaches the opportunity to maximize their maximize their time with players. This clinic will give you to foundation to become an empowered and educated volunteer coach. We help to create a training curriculum that establishes coaching consistency and developmental progression across age groups.

Ryan and the Bennie Brothers will lead youth baseball coaches through a series of skill-building training drills, illustrating how the effective utilization of high intensity, age-appropriate drills will correct common problems regarding technique, athletic conditioning, and player motivation. With their combined coaching, league/player management, and professional playing experience, you know you will walk away a better coach.

• Skills & Drills for All Ages • 
An emphasis in this clinic will be on introducing and enhancing fundamentals and skills such as throwing, fielding, receiving the baseball and efficiently transferring the baseball. We will also highlight basic hitting theory and absolutes, in addition to basic drills that support a strong foundation for future hitting success. Proper hitting techniques and fundamentals, including stance, stride, balance, extension, plate discipline and selection, and proper bunting techniques, will be introduced.

Some time will be spent on skills for the advanced, faster paced, functional game-like environment. 

• Hitting Fundamentals •
In terms of hitting, this clinic will focus on faults and fixes, understanding that each hitter has their own unique tendencies, predispositions, and body make-up, which can lead to various faults in their swing. We will help coaches identify and address specific problems in each hitter's swing, and then implement a series of drills aimed at correcting these faults. These faults include Over-striding/stepping in the bucket, Dropping the hands & upper-cutting, Looping the bat, Swinging around the baseball, Diving/too much linear in the swing, Reverse pivot/too much rotational approach in the swing. 

• Pitching Fundamentals •

We will demonstrate how to effectively teach pitching fundamentals and techniques, including windup, stretch, balance, proper grip, injury prevention, and holding runners on. Some time will be spent on teaching what Umpires look for when calling a balk, how to teach your players what a balk is, and how to avoid them.

• Coaching Principles & Practice Organization •

We will teach coaches a foundation for developing athletes the right way. We discuss topics such injury prevention, care, management, and pitch counts; social, emotional, and athletic growth, development, and learning; training, conditioning, and nutrition; the social and psychological aspects of coaching; and motivation for young athletes. This clinic also teaches coaches how to prepare for and organize a dynamic practice that focuses on team building and keeps everyone active.

Time & Location Details

April 25th, 9:00am - 10:30am
Bennie Baseball
15760 Willowbrook Rd, South Beloit, IL 61080