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Apr, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Our Commitment to You

As the local baseball league, our role in this is simple: Focus on giving you a quality baseball experience as soon as it is safe to do so. As of Phase 4 of the Restore, IL Plan, we believe we can do this. To ensure your safety and to maintain the spirit of the game, we have made the following commitments to you:

  • All state and regional laws regarding parks usage and public gatherings will be followed.
  • We will not start baseball activities unless it is safe to do so.
  • When we do get to play, we are committed to holding a full season.
  • Honest and concise communication to our supporters.
  • Anyone that cannot play in 2020 will be given 100% credit towards a future season.
  • We will not require anyone to wear a mask.
  • We will not modify the rules of the game. Baseball is pure as it is.

Our Plan

We must remain flexible. These plans may change, but here is what we are doing right now: 

  • We will hold our Summer/Fall season from July through Early October.
  • Registration deadline is June 21st. 
  • Practices will begin July 6th (July 20th for 6u). 
  • The season will run through September, with a total of 16 games (2 more than a normal season, yay!).
  • Championship Tournament will be held the first full week of October. 
  • All Star / Photo day is set for Sept. 19th.
  • Coaches Clincher Softball Tournament is set for Sept. 20th. 
All of these dates are reflected in our events calendar.

Operational Rule Changes

Defense will supply their own baseballs
The league will supply baseballs as normal. Instead of the Home Team supplying the game balls, the defense will supply their own baseballs each inning. Umpires will not hold baseballs. Defensive team coach will need to keep an eye on foul balls to make sure they get returned to play ASAP.

No shared equipment
Teams will not be allowed to share equipment. Items like masks, catchers gear, gloves, etc. must be supplied by each individual player. Anyone that needs help may checkout league gear for the season at no charge (sanitized before and after checkout). Limited quantities available. We also have coupons to Dick's Sporting Goods that can help. 

Spectators may not gather behind backstop
This will allow us to have 2 identifiable groups separated by the state required 30’ minimum. Doing so will allow us to avoid limiting the amount of spectators on each team. This restriction may be lifted, pending IL, WCHD, and IDPH regulations. 

Plenty of seating is available on the fence line and on the bleachers. We simply ask that you respect social distancing as best you can. We will have some 6’ distance visuals on the fences to help.

Post Game Handshake Replaced w/ Wave of the Hat
Teams will not walk a line shaking hands after each game. Instead, each team will gather on the 3rd and 1st base line and acknowledge each other by removing their hat/helmet and wave/tip their hat. 

COVID Contact Tracing

Privacy and trust are essential, not only because HIPAA requires it, but because people will only cooperate if they trust their privacy will be protected. When a contract tracer notifies someone they may have been exposed, they do not reveal the identity of the infected person. Anyone that tests positive, or has been notified of contact w/ someone that has tested positive, should abide by all instructions given to them by their physician and local health officials. Stateline Baseball is not qualified to manage the contact tracing process, and will leave that responsibility to those that are trained and qualified to do so. In our case, this is the Winnebago County Health Dept.

This a synopsis of of the CDC and WCHD guidelines and is how we will handle things:

  • Any player that tests positive for COVID will not be eligible to play until a follow-up test has come back negative and a doctors note has been provided to the league detailing the approved return to play date.
  • Any player that demonstrates symptoms of any sickness should stay at home and not participate in play until they have been symptom free for at lest 3 days. 
  • Any player that has been quarantined as a result of contact w/ a COVID positive case shall not participate in play for at least 14 days, or earlier if they can provide proof of a negative COVID test result. 

Travel Quarantine

Individuals traveling to/from certain states or hosting visitors from certain states should self-quarantine for 14 days upon return to the region and/or after the date the visitors have left. See this link for a list of the States considered COVID hot zones that will trigger a 14 day quarantine:

Refund Policy: Refunds depend on the situation and when you cancel. If you cancel before the registration deadline, you will be given the choice of a 75% refund, or a 100% credit toward a future season. If you cancel after the deadline, you will be given a credit toward a future season minus the cost of the uniform. If you cancel after games have started, no refunds or credits are available. Should you need a full refund due to a financial hardship, those requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis (a hardship application must be completed before practices begin).